Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Oct 17

today was a pretty cool day. I got to sleep in, work out, meet with friends, eat birthday cake and generally have one of those days you want lots of pictures of, so that when you are old, you can think back to them.

That cool.

Here's what I ate:

Breakfast Breakfast BELT from Tim Hortons. 514 calories of joy. And coffee.

Lunch was pizza and juice at the BD party. Lots of water to drink.

Dinner was another two slices of left over pizza.

After writing this and getting groceries, I had some hummus and carrots.

I think that's it. Seriously. That's not a lot of calories, and I don't feel hungry. That's odd. Surely I've missed something. Hmmm

I did this workout before the BD party:

Warm up with KB and skipping

four rounds of this:
1) sets of 5 assisted chin ups
40 lb KB snatches

2) 10 vertical jumps
skipping rope for 60 seconds
10 KB OH presses

3) "pummeling" with a therapy ball. 2 minute goes x 2

I kept getting interrupted as it was my oldest child's birthday party today and we had to get going by the end of the workout. We were still ridiculously early for the party, man. Lots of fun - I'm now really tired. This week is going to be fairly laid back at work, and so I am looking forward to a productive week there and in my own training. Should be an "A" week.

I'm thinking I drop by KATA tomorrow to meet up with the coaches; talk to them about this year and ask what they are doing. I'm also going to make sure I send a dude who trains at Joslins a message, asking about training there, too.

I did read a few training articles today, the best of them was 10 BW exercises and subscribing to the Fit Rebel's Youtube page.

Then I read a blog about the current head of the Board for the local Catholic School Board. Nope, not going to link it here. Suffice it to say the blogger doesn't like the other dude. Move along, nothing to see here.

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