Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fri and Sat Oct 22 and 23

It's not me, it's Blogger that has prevented me from posting this until now. Something odd is going on, and I will be trying out WordPress for my next few blogs. I do have one set up already, but I won't link it here, at least not quite yet.

I woke up Friday with a bad ... something. I know the cynical part of me wants to call it a hangover, but I really don't think it was that. I didn't sleep well, at all. Yes, I drank beer on Thursday night, but not that much. Seriously, I didn't. Something else is up.

I ate this on Friday:

Breakfast: smoothie of frozen berries, OJ and green goo. coffee at work with two bagels and cream cheese while a meeting went on.

Lunch water

Dinner: chicken, rice and veggies. a beer to drink. I was still sore from training on thursday and cranky from a lousy day at work. I just plain forgot to eat and so was just an ass all day. Went to bed late, too.

Saturday, woke up early, got busy on my house. Cleaned my basement, my bedroom, got rid of some clothes, the hallway into my garage (which was pissing me off) five loads of laundry and I showed my eldest child how to make a playlist on iTunes. Then, took my youngest to her piano lessons, had a nap and then went and played a game of rugby.

Breakfast was a timmy ho's BELT and a coffee.

Luch was two roast beef wraps and some grapefruit juice.

Lots of water to drink

Dinner was three slices of pizza and a whole bunch of beer.

I will be going to my local watering hole to watch UFC 6005 (or whatever number it is now) and will be having a pint or two and something cool to eat. Hopefully I'll get a seat. M'eh, w/e.

Anyway, the reason I was pulled off early was a rather wicked burner/ stinger down my right arm. Same one I've gotten before - the one that I had traction for at Mac, a few therapy sessions at UofT and UNB ... this is no surprise to me. They friggin hurt for a few minutes, and then are done. But today's was unreal. The right trap, the right bicep and tricep and the thumb and next two fingers all contracted at the same time. It was as though I had a claw for a few minutes. Very painful.

Could I have continued? Sure, I think I could have. Did i? Nope - got pulled by the coach. We were ahead by a mile, and it was a game that we wanted to put away. Fresh legs and all that. Neck is stiff, as are my arms and legs. Pizza and beer might not be the best recovery, but I'm pretty laid back.

As I was off, one of the kids I coached at u16 level told me that he was going to wrestle for his high school he asked me to contact the school to arrange a clinic. I said I would - always looking out for the little dudes.

I'm pretty sure this week has been one of the worst ones so far for my diet and training, but that is life. I will make a come back tomorrow and on to the future. If everything was easy, I'd still be weighing 185 with a set of abs to rival Markie Mark in the 80's.

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