Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Oct 14

Oh, man, today was not a day that I really want to write about.

Breakfast was a smoothie, frozen strawberries, flax seed, grapefruit and orange juice. Simply awesome. Coffee at work.

Lunch: I drive to Organic Garage and bought some salad, a pepper as well as some hummus. S'all good. Deelish

Dinner was two ham sandwiches on brown bread I sucked down before getting my girls to gymnastics.

After I got home, I was hungry, and I can't say it was natural hunger, or that of a drunken person. I had four beers at the club, two vodka and GJ at home and am now eating almonds, chicken and steak wraps after training. Simply, they were calorically awesome.

Workout was an hour rugby training session under the lights at the dome beside my rugby club. I know that it is one of my triggers. I sat and drank beer as I talked about becoming a teacher in Ontario to a fellow Burl RFC dude. I shared a lot of my "Dark Period" shit with him; some rather dark/scary parts of my life I'd like to now count on as "shit that I'd rather not re-live, especially now that I have children depending on me."

I am so happy that I can be a beacon to others; that my piece of shit life, regardless of how some might see it, might get some away from places they don't want to be ... is an honour.

I tried to get the rest of my rugby club members to give a shit about the local elections to a great deal of derision.

Other than the workout at rugby, I was rather chill today. Life moves on, as it must.

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