Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Oct 25

I started working on this post this morning, and so it might come out a little disjointed. I read this article about a dad in Toronto sharing nine things he learned while getting through the Orlando RKC last week. Seems interesting.

I worked out after dropping the two girls off at school - it was the only way to get at least one workout in today. I may get a run in after everyone else is in bed, but I’m not going to risk it. Not on a day like today is shaping up to be. I still am not getting enough sleep.

Before the training, I put together a rather cool sandbag for myself. It is a former backpack/ beer cooler I bought about a year ago for a buck. I put a 40 kilo bag of sand in it, and used it as a part of the training I did today. I'll get pics done sometime this week. After the training, I went and secured the extension cord to the wall, so that it’s a bit safer- dangling cords cause accidents.

I moved stuff around a little, too. I put my kids’ stretching mats in the garage, as I know they won’t miss them and I can use them for after training stretches in the winter. Damn, that concrete gets chilly. Even though my Vibrams, I could feel the chill on my feet.

Did four rounds of this today:

1A) Chin ups (glad to report these are getting easier)
1B) 15 feet up push ups.
2) sets of 15 Tire Flips
2B) sand bag grab and lifts
3A)KB Farmer Walk 4 x 150'
3B) 15 man makers
3C) 10 TRX atomic crunches

I got this done in under an hour - likely 45 minutes. I was friggin' beat. Felt good, though. Started with the sunlight not good enough to light up the room, finished in daylight. Pretty damn cool, you ask me.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: smoothie (frozen berries, green goo, Grape fruit juice, flax seed)

After training: water

Lunch: salad with tuna, almonds, carrots with hummus. Prunes. Water to drink. I needed a coffee, I was falling asleep. I didn't get a chance to finish it, as stuff just blew up in my face at work. Meh, this is what happens when I do a shift change.

Dinner was chicken and rice in a wrap with a nice salad. Water to drink.

After dinner, I went to vote for the local municipal elections. Two of my guys won. And we got rid of a real jerk, too. Pretty happy about that.

I was watching the results come in on the webpage, and was burning a hole in my floor, digging my toes in, so I decided to go for a run. I mapped it out - it was 5.5kms, but the iPod said the distance was 4.7 kms. Gunna have to fix that, for sure. I'll believe GPS systems over the iPod anyday. Gunna get that working ASAP.

Other than that, I had a pretty good day - nothing beats picking up your five year old and the first thing she whispers to you is "I missed you today, daddy." Friggin' awesome. I know memories like that are few and far between, man, and I'm just living in that moment for a while. Peace.

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