Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Oct 24

Ok, today was a bit of a write off - totally busy, no time for me at all today, but I made some time for me and took it.

This is what I ate:

Breakfast: coffee after church, end of the roast beef as a wrap.

Lunch was some grapefruit juice. I'm thinking I'm missing something there.

Dinner was a gorge fest at Tucker's Market. It's decent food, but I ate too much. I had a beef taco, some roast beef with veggies, apple crisp for dessert with a large beer to drink. Too many calories. and it was too expensive, too.

Anyway, the day was packed with places to go and people to see. After church, we got home and I looked at the paper whistfully. Alas, it was not to be, as I had to get my daughters off to a field to meet with my old Wrestling buddies and pick a set of pumpkins. My wife stayed on the couch and let the baby in her belly grow. We left quite quickly to get to swimming, then home to get my wife out of the house. We went for a drive, then a shirt walk on the beach in Burlington.

I got the kids in bed, chatted with my wife for a while, then left to do the weekly grocery list. Before I got to the store, went for a forty minute walk. I had to do it - there was no other time. In any case, while I walked, I worked on my Nanowrimo novel. I'm pretty sure I know where it is going.

I got an email today from this wrestling mat company; it's rather cheap to buy a home training mat, man. Resilite sells home mats, too. That would be so cool. My own wrestling mat in the garage. Talk about friggin awesome. It's on my watch list on eBay... might be a Christmas present .... 85 bucks for a 6 by 4 feet 2 inch thick mat. Hmmm might have to measure out my garage, see what would fit.

On to Monday - my shift changes for the next six weeks, so I will be training at home in the morning until the first week of December. This should help getting two training sessions a day in once or twice a week - wrestling should start and rugby should end. Which should help keep me focus on training and getting ready.

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