Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Oct 26

I got a fair amount of sleep last night - went to be about 11, up at 6am. Sevn hours isn’t awesome, but it’s better than I’ve gotten recently. Gotta keep on top of that.

I was spending some time cleaning up my emails, and came across this article about cleaning up your weekend diet, that is not being an idiot when Friday comes around. I got a chance to glance through it - some really good ideas about how to keep yourself on track with your diet come Friday. It basically comes down to "thinking ahead". Which, I'm sorry to say, is beyond me at the moment.

In reality, I’m just glad that rugby season is almost over. Being in that clubhouse just seems to be such a trigger mechanism for me. I’m thinking this Thursday, after training, I get home instead of hanging out there. There’s really nothing there for me that would help me get on with this goal.

What a cool video .... umma gunna try that some time this week - slamming the crap out of one of the kettlebells sounds flipping awesome.

This is what I ate:

Breakfast: smoothie, the regular. Grapefruit juice, green smoothie stuff, flax, lots of frozen fruit.

Lunch: salad with tuna. I’m liking this, seriously. It’s good. Carrots and pepper with hummus, some almonds with water to drink.

Water throughout the day.

Dinner: small bowl of pasta with a chicken breast, with a side salad. Smoothie that I shared with my kids (see above) for dessert.

After my kids and wife are in bed, I’m heading off to Rona to get a rugby buddy of mine to hold my hand as we walk around his store (he works there) and pick up all the stuff for the DIY Indian clubs. Why waste time doing this? Why not? I’ve never had Indian clubs, this will be dirt cheap and might help me get towards my goal.

Speaking of goals, I forgot about my workout for the day:

Four rounds of each after a warm up of skipping and KB "round the worlds":

10 KB OH snatches 30 lb KB
10 sandbag cleans and squats
5-7 chin ups
8 TRX rows
8 TRX reverse lunges (each side)

I’m back after the trip to Grimsby's Rona was in need of something to do, so I did a calibration run for my iPod nano. Hopefully it’ll record the next run properly. I’m hoping it’ll be Friday, as tomorrow, I might get a rugby game in, playing a bunch of officers from the Canadian Armed Forces. That, my friends, would be a cool game to get into.


  1. The KB slams seem like a lot of fun, but unless you're doing it on your own property it might get you into some trouble.

    Playing some Arny guys in rugby does sounds fun.

  2. There is a park across the street from my house ... although with as much rain as we've been getting, it might leave some telltale signs it was me ...