Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Oct 30

Sorry about this one being late - it was a long day and I crashed early.

Diet went sort of sideways; there are small victories and small losses today. This is what I ate:

Breakfast: Belt from timmy Ho's. Was just too easy. Tomorrow I will do better. Coffee to drink.

Snack: water with some carrots.

Lunch: Roast beef wrap while on the phone with my training buddy.

Dinner; small slice of pizza with a large salad. Water and beer to drink.

I didn't have a lot of time to train today, so I did what I could. I did this workout:

15 minutes of constant motion.
Set the timer on the iPhone for 15 minutes, put the tunes on and kept moving.
one song of KB swings, halos, snatches, cleans
one song of Indian clubs swings, casts and whatever else.
one song of sledgehammering the tire while wearing the 40 lb backpack.
one song of step ups onto the same tire, wearing the same backpack.

Went in the house to shower and for dinner, got the kids to bed then went back out into the garage and did another 20 or so minutes of low level club work. Enough to make it so that the next day, I'll want to keep both shoulders warm.

I had a "to do" list that got done today: lots of stuff around the baby's room. I've got six cartons of clothes to be donated to my sister in law's hospital, now. Vacuumed and almost ready for baby. Need the crib to be put together... and my dad is coming over Sunday to do that. Seriously, I was in constant motion Saturday, getting stuff done. Piano lessons, moving boxes, vacuuming, putting together the Indian clubs, church, getting the house ready for my parent's Halloween visit and for the baby's arrival. No time for training - so I did what I could.

Diet could have been worse, could have been better. I know that. Will work on it for tomorrow and next weekend.

As I was driving to work on Friday, listened to Craig Ballentyne's interview with ... um .. some guy .... about your social network. Seems that people that you know affect your health. People in your network ALSO affect your health. People that your friends know, but that you DON'T know ... will affect your health. As I was listening, I thought about my Thursday nights at the rugby club: those are the times and people that most affect my health at the moment: I need to find healthier choices than those there.

I also learned how to take youtube videos and turn them into MP3 and MP4 files to play on iTunes. Friggin' awesome. Now I got this Versus video on my Macbook and on my iPod:


  1. How heavy did you make the clubs and how are they holding up?

    Love to see some video of you using them, that be cool.

  2. I'm working on that.

    They are leaking, so the weight is getting lighter. ;)

    But they are about 20-25 pounds at the moment. They're just awkward. Need to finish rugby season first.