Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wed Oct 6

Today was, well, a day. Like any other. The weather was crappy and the work was, rather boring. People getting stressed about deadlines they themselves have pushed to the limits, at which I really have to chuckle.

Why come to a place to fail?

Anyway, this is what I stuffed into my pie hole today:

Breakfast: was a smoothie. Grapefruit juice, Green goo stuff, frozen mixed berries and I added some ground flax. Seriously, the green goo looks like it would be vile if you drank it as is, but you don't even notice it in a smoothie.

Snack: walnuts and water.

Lunch: I FINALLY noticed that I was out of carrots and peppers; need to bring some tomorrow. Salad with Lemon and Pepper Tuna with some dressing. Pretty good. Walnuts, prunes and dates, too. Water to drink. Oh yeah, got dared to try a bit of chili from a fellow employee. About a half a bowl. Holy hanna, that was hot chili. I'm wondering what is going to come out tomorrow.

Snack: after the workout, I had another smoothie, as above. Deee-lish.

Dinner; Sandwich night, so I had a ham and salad wrap with some mustard. Second one was the same with some Italian dressing.

I picked up my kids, and had to have a family meeting after getting the eldest to swimming about homework and the lack of effort being put forth on some of it. Was rather annoyed with the stuff and the inability to find a planner (which I found after a minute of searching ... in her designated bin, no less... it was under a piece of paper. Who doesn't lift a piece of paper to look under it for something their mother is screaming about for THREE DAYS? Ugh.

Deep breath. Count to ten.

After getting the kids to bed, got some groceries for the kid's lunches and my wife. On the way back, had two beers at the local watering hole and ran into a fellow dad/rugby player. We shared stuff, and I told him about my next baby being due. I got his phone number on my new iPhone. I even got to take his pic and then link it to his contact info... that was pretty cool.

Workout was this today:

Four rounds of:

1A) Military Press: 30, 40, 40 50 lb KB
1B) chin ups (there was a lot of cheating on this ... but I got my fat ass up)
2A) feet up push ups (each round was higher than the last)
2B) KB see saw rows 4 x 6 - 8 (new to me, but cool)

after four rounds of the above, did this for10 Minutes x Max Rounds:

A)sledge hammer x 10/10 (switch top hand) (don't think my neighbour like it, but I did)
B) KB farmer walks (medium weight) x 150' (40, 50 then 70 lb KB)
C) TRX Push Ups x 10
D) TRX recline rows x 10 (this was so cool, off of the chin up bar)

This was something I am feeling, even now.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. It's almost 11pm, no naps today, so this should be an easy "fall asleep night". Especially with my sinuses being cleared by that chili today... ;)

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