Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sun Oct 3

This was a rough day. I was feeling pretty awful this morning, sore and crappy from one of my daughters making sleeping difficult.

In any case, this is what I ate:

Breakfast: coffee. Wasn't hungry.

Lunch: Beef wrap with lots of horseradish. Pretty good.

Snack: Chilli and a small coffee from Tim Horton's. Felt better after eating it.

Dinner: Pasta with veggies. Apple pie and apple crumble for dessert.

Snack; Grapefruit juice.

I went of a nice walk before getting the groceries for the week. I recorded it for Nike+, should be up soon(ish). I misplaced my iPod Touch, and so used the Silver one tonight. Needs to be set up for kilometers and my account. Meh, whatever.

I also got the holes drilled for the chin up bar, did some reading today and I'm going to finish the Forrest Griffin book tomorrow. Pretty damn funny. Honestly, I'm thinking I'm going to scan one of the pages and post it in here. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll get the chin up bar up and I can start to rock it, the TRX and maybe some gymnastic rings for my kids at a later date. I got a chance to rent the drill from Home Depot instead of buying it - 20 bucks to rent the thing for eight holes ... but at least I got them done. "Taking action" I believe my fitness gurus will call it.

I saw some of the pictures of me on Facebook from the event on Saturday. I'm looking thinner than I did inn August or July, but still not good enough. Of course, I've only being doing fairly well for a month, but I'd like to see more progress. I know I can do better; it's just a matter of keeping focus and not breaking myself if I mess up. All in all, the weekend wasn't TERRIBLE, but could have gone better. I'm pretty sore, as I am missing that whirlpool and lots of stretching after workouts these days. But my wife was mentioning stuff about a different type of fat in the middle of mens' bodies. I've heard of it before ... but now I'm thinking I'm going to have to look into it. I want rid of it, man.

I'm thinking this week, I focus on getting the work done and recovery after each workout. At least three baths, as there will be no rugby this week (which, personally, I think is a stupid, but not my call.) I think I will keep to my workouts, see about KATA's schedule and think more seriously about getting my own retirement funding begun.

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