Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Oct 31

No surprisingly, I got a lot of stuff to do today. I'm working out after a light breakfast of coffee. I did do a Timmy Ho's run for my family this morning, and checked the bank balance for groceries later; I'm good for this week.

I got home, stepped into my garage (it's a nice place for thinking and working, man) and planned out my day. First thing was to get the laundry list of crap started. Second thing was to check if ZEE had posted the workouts for November online yet. He hasn't. Last month was early, this one ... who knows.

Did a bit of poking around on the USC website, saw this:

Looks quick and dirty. I'll get this done in my workout today.

And .... saw this:

Just as an something that should get me off of my ass and getting it into a higher gear.

Did this workout:

Skipping and light Indian club work to warm up

four rounds of the following:

150 feet 72/53 lb KB farmers walk
10 slam balls (I brokeded it!)
10 36inch vertical jump
6-8 sandbag lift and squats (around 100 pounds)

three rounds of the following (wearing a 40 pound backpack)
10 step ups on the tire
10 sledge hammers (each side)

ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee

lunch: smoothie with some protein shake powder mixed in. Was pretty filling.

snack: water

Dinner steak with veggies and a serving of apple crisp.

snack: one small bag of doritos, stolen from my child's pile of goodies. I'm going to ask my wife to hide them tomorrow.

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