Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Nov 1

I've started to write the Nanowrimo novel for this year. A novel about a rugby player, as promised. I'm pretty sure I'm not as ready to write this novel as I was for Flint, the other novel I've written, but I'm pretty sure this will be good enough to win.

I got home from dropping off the kids and did a good workout this morning:

Warm up was Indian Clubs and skipping

four rounds of:

10 feet up push ups,
10 KB swings and snatches (30 then 40 pd KB)
overhead press and walk with the 40 lb sand bag
10 sandbag front squats
6-8 chin ups
10 TRX BW rows
some more Indian clubs (just trying to use them in different ways)

nice stretch and warm down.

Got a pretty good sweat going on during this workout, despite the cold room. I'm pretty sure I'll need to heat the garage at some point, if only to warm up the kettlebells. They hurt to grab after a while - perhaps that is the point. oughen me up a little. Whatever.

The stretching at the end was pretty cool. On the floor mats I took from the basement. Pretty awesome to lie on them and stretch in the garage/gym.

Had a pretty decent day at work.

Ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie; frozen berries, Grapefruit juice, green goo.

Snack: roast beef wraps with hot peppers (that was tasty)

Lunch: salad with tuna. Almonds and prunes. Water to drink.

Dinner: roast beef with veggies and a large salad. Water to drink. One of my kids' small Coffee Crisp chocolate bars for dessert. (It was not to my liking, and will be easy to resist next time)

I just got back from a 6k run. It was a pretty good run, I felt awesome during, but my right knee is bugging me now that I am typing this up. Need to ice and rest it. All in all, this was a pretty good day.

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