Friday, November 26, 2010

Fri Nov 26 ..... and a pause for a wish list

This is a nice and relaxed day at work. I had to get in earlier than usual, but I'm here and I don't have a lot to do, so .... I'm trying to make the most of it, soak in a few moments of peace before the mad rush of Christmas. In a chat last night, I mentioned having a wish list for my garage/gym. Almost at the same time we both pointed out that I needed more mats.

That got me to thinking ... about a wish list for my workout space. And so, without further ado ... here it is:

1) more mats - either a single thicker piece for the entire area or just more of the 1/4 inch clip together ones I already have, I have not yet decided. I've been on the look out for them, there are some deals out there, just my current situation says no.

2) move the cupboard and van chair out of the space, to free up space for training while the car is in the garage. 2B) get rid of the other extra stuff in the room, too. Meh, makes sense, right?

3)barbell and some plates. I keep looking for these on Craigslist and eBay. I want to be able to go and pick them up and make sure I'm not being ripped off; I'm still looking. Not sure I need a squat rack for them, but it would be cool to do bicep curls in the rack, just like idiots in my old gym did ....

4)bigger / heavier tire? I dunno, there are ways of taking the big tire I have and making it heavier ... and if I get a bigger tire, where to store it? Move stuff to make room just to store more stuff just doesn't make sense.

5)white board/cork board to post workouts more easily - save me from filling in holes in the wall before I move out. As it is, there's going to be quite the hole filling party in the garage before I move ... I'm thinking this to not make it worse.

6)cooler posters ... 'cuz ya gotta look at sweaty, muscular dudes while you're sweaty and trying to get muscular.

7)wooden stand/table for the heater. I'm getting to the point where the KB's need be warmed in order to not hurt my hands during a workout. Ever held a cold kettlebell? It hurts after a while. Trust me. Why wood? There's going to be snow in the garage at some point in time, and melted snow and an electrical heater shouldn't be together. I need to warm the KB's and keep myself from being electrocuted.

8)heavy bag S clips clipped off and replaced with carabiners. That way I can punch it or wrestle with it, without getting a mouth full of chain. Which might be bad.

9)boxing and/or grappling gloves. To punch without hurting my knuckles and wrist ... again. Might also get the wraps, too.

10) a judo ghee/gi for training ... since the heavy bag has been sweating in it, it's kinda gross .... ;)

11) a thing to go across the bottom of the big door of the garage to get a better seal between the floor and the door - to try and keep cute, small animals and drifting snow out and big scary animals in.

12) battling ropes - well, better ropes than I have right now.

13) a slam ball - or maybe just fix the one I duct taped together.

14) more kettlebells. 'cuz they're cool. And I guess some more hex weights.

15) a lacrosse ball and a foam roller. Man, I'm feeling last night's run. Ugh.

16) a bench. A towel needs to sit somewhere ... ha, ha, ha. No, seriously. A bench. ... need to do DB flies somewhere other than the floor.

17) a rower ... which I'd have to store on it's end, pointing up into the ceiling. But this would have to be a gift, or really, really cheap. I ain't paying good money for some cardio equipment.

18) instruction/resources - kettlebells, boxing/martial arts, running, nutrition, training, etc. Knowledge is power.

19) a jumbo valve box from Home Depot. Nothing says pain like ten minutes of 20 inch steps...

20) a scale .. I am trying to get to a weight class. It'd help to know how close I am.

Whoa, that's quite a list. I'm thinking I'd need another garage just to store all that crap. Anyway, it's a wish list, not a "get this or you'll die" list. All in all, it's a good mental exercise, at least for me. Now I know what I'm looking for when I set money aside for training purposes.

Anyway, that list being done, here is the regular post for the day:

What I ate:

Breakfast: smoothie with a coffee on the way in to work.

Snack: two bowls of cut of fruit: it was awesome! And FREE! I heart meetings!

Lunch: Roast chicken with a garden salad. It's always good.

Break ... I had to get out and see some sunshine, I went for a coffee. W/e.

Snack: left over fruit, see above.

Dinner: Salmon, veggies, salad and 2 beers to drink.


I had to get into work early today. One of those "hurry up and wait" things. I got to work and worked on this post and my regular stuff at the same time. Relaxed, time enriched moments, with people stressing over money for lunch. I'll go for a run tonight and finish it off with some very quiet KB work in the garage. Saturday I'm off to watch some of the Toronto KB Club's event. Should be good.

Also, saw this:

and I listened to an interview with Matt Wichlinski, and read a rather politically incorrect interrogation by ZEE done with Jim Wendler. Pretty informative, to be honest and pretty damn funny, too.


  1. That's one hell of of list. I'll see you tomorrow, glad to kn ow you'll be stopping by.

  2. 15) Even better, a RumbleRoller (
    Good luck transforming your gym!

  3. Thanks, Ron - there's a place near my work that sells them ... it's a little pricey, but man... if it works, it's so worth it!