Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Nov 19

Why put Jabba the Hutt's laugh here? 'Cuz I can. And I'm kinda laughing at life at the moment. But, I've already been paid back ... thanks karma!

Today, I woke up at 6:30am - got everything going, after a rather long night of restlessness. I dunno, is insomnia a normal thing when you're working out this much?

I had the coffee/ smoothie mix before the workout and after I was really hungry, as you'll read in a minute. This morning's workout was not 25 minutes, it was closer to 40. I learned something today, too: I can put KB's and DB's inside the tire to make it heavier. Good to know, no?

Did this routine six times in almost 40 minutes:

1) Tire dead lift x 5 reps (tire, then with stuff inside - I'll take pics later.)
2) TRX rows x 10
3) Sand Bag push ups with feet elevated x 10
4) KB Swing x 10 (used the 53 lb KB)
5) OH SB walking lunges x 50' (used 15 the 40 lb SB)
6) Sledge Hammer x 10

I kept waiting for the timer to go off; I just kept working at it. I was nearly falling over from fatigue during the SB OH lunges, but I kept going. Finally I checked the timer ... to find out I had not started it. This workout is set up to be done "AMRAP" in 25 minutes ... meh, I did an extra few rounds. But, later on in the day, I'm sorta hurting a little bit. Could be interesting tonight, but right now, I feel good.

I ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie (OJ, grapefruit Juice, frozen berries) and coffee

Lunch: it was an early lunch: two cans of spicy tuna on a salad, hummus and pepppers, almonds and prunes. Water to drink. Coffee just after this was done.

Snack: two donuts, water, samosas.

Dinner: roast beef, salad, veggies: beer. It was the Centaurs' rugby night.

The speeches were done by 9:15 and I was home by 9:30. Seriously, some of the people I play rugby with are retarded; I left before anyone got naked and my impression of them got worse.

I got home and was, not surprisingly, kinda bored. I got into the garage and did KB snatches and heavy bag punches. Kettlebells and drinking mix a lot better than running and drinking: but still you shoudn't do that. Anyway, I'll state the facts: yup, got a heavy bag. It's awesome. Now I have something to legally punch and noose up :) - I'll make sure some pics get put up.

I'm not going to relate the winners - it's basically a "who does the coach love the most" contest at my club. There were a lot of teacher's pet's rewarded. Just like in high school. And University. I was surprised with awarding the Junior award. I knew who won, but had no idea I'd be doing the speech. In the end, I left because, well... they're idiots I'd rather not lose my job for being nearly naked.

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