Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wed Nov 24

Wow, November is going by in a rush, thank God. Normally, this is the crappiest part of the year, but it is half over, and I feel pretty damn awesome. I took some before pics at the start of September and I looked at them last night.

I'm not ever putting them up, unless this endeavour turns out incredibly well.

I have noticed that when I don't stick to the diet, even semi-strictly, I don't make a lot of progress. Like I needed that idea pounded into my head. Again.

I did this workout this morning:

1A) Push Ups 4 x 15 (two sets I had a 40 lb SB on my back)
1B) chin ups sub max x 4
2A) Double KB Military Press 4 x 5-8 reps (started with 2 30lb KB, then 40lbs)
2B) 1 Arm DB row 4 x 8-12 reps (50 lb DB)
3) KB Farmer Walk x 200 meters non stop (2 50 lb DBs)
4A) TRX Body rows 3 x 10
4B) abs 3 x (10 each of: Ab roll outs, mountain climbers, tricep dip)
4C) grip 4 roller x 2 (need to increase this weight and get a second exercise)

My wrists are still sore.

Later on in the day, did a 5k run. The damn Nike+ sensor is messed up. I'm thinking on Friday I go to the YMCA in Oakville and recalibrate it on their track. Unless some baby arrives to mess that plan up. ;)

I ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie; frozen berries, OJ, GJ, green goo and almond butter.

Breakfast egg and beef wraps with tomato and hot peppers with some ketchup.

Lunch: the usual. Tuna on salad, almonds and prunes. Water to drink.

Dinner: small plate of pasta and veggies. Water to drink.

While at work, I took some time and watched this:

Seems I have a few new ideas about training with that heavy bag at my house. I'm thinking I put the Judo gi on it, with a belt and throw the shit out of it.

I also saw this one, and now ... I'm pretty much thinking I need to put together a heavy heavy lifting bag and see where that takes me.

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