Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sat Nov 6

Oh, this was a sweet day. I got up early, got my family set up for the day (took my wife's car to fill it with gas, got them all breakfast and then went to play rugby.

I showed up and played with a bunch of Brampton RFC alumni, as they took on another club. It was cool to play with a few old buddies of mine. We lost, but who cares... we had fun. I played the entire game and things went well. I showered after the game and got myself ready for the "big game". I was a sub, but I got in for about a half - which is more than I thought would happen.

Easily 90 minutes of rugby for a training session today. Seriously, I just ran and hit things for the entire day

In any case, this is what I ate:

Breakfast: BELT and coffee from Timmy Ho's on the wa to rugby

Lunch: two organic apples

Dinner: chicken pasta, with veggies.

Snack: beer

Yeah, that last item, wasn't so good - but I felt entitled. Still do.

I was a real winner this year - I got home before 4:20pm, which was a real triumph for me for a Cup Day. In years previous, I have nearly been divorced for my idiocy on Cup Day. Today, I got home in time to take my family to church. How about that, man?

In any case, I stood and had a few beers in my garage/gym tonight making fun of a wing on my team who was tracked down by a large prop. I'm hoping he keeps making an idiot out of himself and responding .. being an internet troll like that is awesome.

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