Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Nov 16

I needed to be punished today - I was an idiot last night. How can I hit another personal best in the mile, hit a personal best in the 5k run ... and then suck back a six pack of beer? I dunno - seems rather "split personality" time to my rational self.

To quote the book I'm reading .. I gotta get my elephant and my driver on the same page.

So ... it should have been a relaxing stretching day ... and I turned it into a punishment day. Had to happen.

In any case, this is what I did to make it up to myself:

Five rounds of:
10 SH snatches (both sides) 53 lb KB
SB OH walks 80 feet (50 lb SB)
15 push ups
20 BW squats
10 green ball roll outs

By the end of the fifth round, I was sweating like an idiot. But I deserved it.

I had this to eat:

Breakfast: Smoothie. No flax this morning; just frozen fruit and grapefruit juice with some green goo.

After workout meal: poached eggs and some roast beef. Seriously.

Lunch:The usual salad and tuna with green peppers and hummus. Oh, and a rather spicy veggie samosa.

Dinner: small bowl of veggies and pasta.

After I scarfed down dinner, I had to meet up with my parents and help them buy a Macbook Pro at the nearest Apple Store. That was kinda cool - but what wasn't cool was having to set it up at home, with promises to teach them how to use their iTunes. I am SOOOOO going to look into some sort of remote login, so that I can fix problems on their computer from my house. It should be good.

But no second workout for the day, although there should have been. Meh, whatever, it was really crappy out. Tomorrow evening will be clear and better for a run.

I'm also having to show up to put some flicks and tunes on their Macbook on Friday, too. Might have to make it to a small gym I know of, to drop off a piece of timber.

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