Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Nov 7

I love my weekends - especially when I get an extra hour to do something that helps me get better. I got a chance to sleep in - until 7am. Yup, sorry to say, that is sleeping in. I got my kids breakfast and myself a coffee and then went into my office to do some stuff and planning of my day.

About 9:30am, I got to do a recovery type workout:

warm up - light movement type stuff.

four rounds of
a KB exercise; depended on the round. started with the 30, finished with the 70lb KB
10 Indian club halos - stretching out the shoulders
2 body weight ground exercises - usually push ups and shoulder/back stretches
1 ball ab exercise - spelling the alphabet with my elbows on the ball was a good one
10 lb hex dumb bell ball press
10 sledgehammers into the tire

three rounds of
10 tricep dips
15 body weight squats

At the end, started to get a bit more intense (which is not what I wanted) so I stopped. Before I did groceries, did a forty minute walk. Had the new tunes I downloaded from youtube cranked, including the theme sone to TUF.

I ate this today:

breakfast BELT from Tim Hortons. Meh, it was good - quality is off though. Getting kind of sick of them.

Snack: Smoothie - see pics.

Dinner; small Halloween bag of chips 9yeah, I know, I caved in a moment of weakness) Steak and veggie wraps. 2 pints of beer to drink.

Late snack: glass of grapefruit juice.

Got more than a few items off of my to do list today; replaced the laces on my running shoes; built a wrist roller out of a piece of 2x2, some rope and some new 2.5 lb weights. I'll get pics up of it some time this week. I also got a few new nutrition and Methods books. I'll get some ideas and pics of them up some time this week, too.

I liked the walk, kinda nice time to be me and listen to some decent tunes without being interrupted. At least I know that the bag of chips I ate got worked off. Or at least some of it did...

I also spent a few minutes at the grocery store reading the nutrition labels of the lunch meat I usually serve to my daughter. There's a lot of things in there that used to not be there. And something else I read kinda sounded gross too - "Mechanically separated chicken" (Or pork, or beef) I'm thinking I'd like to do some more reading on that idea. Like, what does THAT mean, really?

Oh, and someone asked about my chin up bar, so here it is:

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