Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tues Nov 2

ok, this morning was a bit of a mess, and I felt a little more of last night's run that I think I should have. In any case, I did a light workout and a lot of stretching. I brought a small heater into the garage today - the KB's were room temperature, which was just above freezing today. At least my hands were nice and toasty.

warmed up with skipping, jumping jacks ... light calisthenics.
I did four rounds of this:

10 push ups (various hand positions)
20 KB swings (two handed)
25 BW squats (last set with a 40 lb sandbag backpack)
Indian club swings (5 one handed each side, then 10 two handed, both directions)

that's it. Nice and light for the day. After wards, felt as if I was dragging half the planet behind me.

I ate this:

breakfast: smoothie; Grapefruit juice, green goo and frozen berries. I seriously like this - I need some pics to show you just how good this looks.

Snack: was a lesson in delicious: steak, green pepper, hot pepper and a bit of ketchup. Frankly, delicious.

Lunch was the usual. Salad, tuna, carrots, green pepper and hummus. Water to drink.

Dinner was a roast beef and tomato wrap. Lentil soup. Good, honest food.

I'm going to try to go for a run later. I did feel Monday's run this morning, I will admit. I'm also noticing that when I sit back down at the computer after dinner, I just fall asleep; tonight was about a 15 minute power nap. Kind of weird, but there it is. Today, got a chance to listen to ZEE being interviewed about training specifically for wrestling. Seems I need to find a place to roll.

And fast.

But the thing that ZEE doesn't know is that I am expecting a third child, literally any day now. Personally, I'm going to focus on that, training everyday and eating right.

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