Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Nov 14

Again, I love my weekends off - they give me a chance to reconnect with my family, instead of traveling all over Ontario for rugby, I'm at home, relaxing and taking some time to get things ready for baby, for my job and for myself.

This morning, I didn't eat until after church, which was about 11am.

Breakfast coffee. Coffee and water.

Lunch two steak wraps, around 2pm

Dinner: grape fruit juice.

Snack: veggies and hummus. Beer - which I should not have had, but gave into weakness.

I did four rounds of this session:

1A) 1 Arm DB Snatch 4 x 6 (first round 40lb, two rounds with 53, last with 72 lb KB)
1B) 6-8 chin ups
2A) KB Goblet Squat 4 x 6 2B) Lunge Jumps 4 x 6/6
3A) BB Cheat Curls 3 x 5 - 8 3B) feet up push ups, 3 x 15
4A) 12 tire flips x 4 4B) OH sand bag walk x 4 (50 feet)

After that, I did three rounds of:
duck under the rope x 50 feet (I'll get a shot of this next time. Pretty slick, man)
wall wrestle with the green ball x 2 minute goes.

I was pretty sweaty by the end of this, but then got the call that we were going swimming, like, now. No chance for an after workout shake, let alone meal. I ate when we got back from the pool.

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