Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Nov 8

1) SB Bear (clean + squat + press) x 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
2A) 20 lb pull ups 4 x mixed grip x submax reps 2B) SB pushups 4x 10
3) battling ropes 3 x 1 minutes
4A) 10 TRX Rows 4B) 6-8 Plyometric jumps
5) grip + abs
three rounds of planks, ab work on the ball, new wrist curls

I also did a run today - 6.6 kms in 35 minutes. That's getting to the "not bad" stage. I'm thinking another 5k run sometime in December or January just to see any improvement.

The garage workout was a pretty good workout, especially the wrist/grip stuff at the end. The "Bears" at the start I thought would be a cake walk ... ...that was hard. I'm going to have to try and include a focus on more gymnastics movements this month, too. At least that is what ZEE is asking people that follow his workouts to do. I'll need a few more of the connecting mats (which are cheap) to cover a bit more of the floor. It was unreasonably cold on the concrete this morning; it would have to be covered to help with gymnastic tumbling.

What I stuffed into my gaping maw:

Breakfast smoothie (see pics of yesterday)

snack: roast beef and veggies; grape fruit juice to drink

Lunch: water; I just didn't feel hungry. Had a Samosa later on. Some people in my job get apples, I get a samosa. It's a good trade off.

Dinner was roast beef with veggies and rice. And some roast chicken, too. OJ to drink. Not a bad meal for less than ten minutes prep time.

I read ZEE's email/blog post today about being able to defend your family. Kinda struck home, and then did some clicking on the Krav Maga links he had - a real focus on escape and evade type of attacks. I'll watch some of their vids later on. And took a look at Kor Martial Arts - they're near my house and they are offering more classes in the evening, including a Judo class on Tuesdays. Going to call and drop by tonight, see what's what. I also downloaded the schedule for Joslin's in Hamilton. Rugby is finally done, so now I can get on with more specific training for what I need. It just has to be close and cheap. One maybe two sessions on the mat a week would be what I'm thinking I can reasonably get into my schedule. Beyond that would be a bonus, but risking time away from my family. Oh, and the money thing, too. That's kinda important.

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