Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Nov 4

I've signed up to play in two rugby games this Saturday. Should be interesting with selections tonight. I'm a betting man - I'll get picked to start, then pulled after half in the Burlington game.

Today was taking care of my wife day. Three medical appointments, groceries, kids to gymnastics and making sure the house got cleaned. The only one I missed was the last one.

I got this workout done:

Warm up skipping and light Kettlbells.

Four rounds of:

15 Push ups one leg up
6-8 chin ups

Farmers walks 120 feet
50 tire flips

15 Elevated push ups
10 sandbag squats
30 feet OH sandbag walk
10 hamstring extensions

this was a pretty good workout - afterward I had to lie down and stretch for a while.

Diet was this:

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch was simply incredible: half a sirloin steak, a 4inx2in piece of salmon, both fresh off of the BBQ. I cannot explain how this tasted with words. A salad was there, too. Simply incredible. Smoothie for dessert. Frozen berries, green goo, canned peaches.

Dinner was a peameal bacon sandwich. I don't think I needed much more than this after that lunch.

After the workout, I had .. I will confess it .. four pints of beer.
Dang, they were tasty.

When I got home, I had three steak wraps; steak tomato with chimichurri and salad on top. The forth wrap was all veggies. They were delicious.

I have no beer at my house, which is probably why I can post this tonight, instead of tomorrow. It was caveman food, but just too much. On a far more positive note, I did have a two of my fellow rugby players ask where I had hidden my ass.

Ya know, it was nice of them to ask ... even if they are just not what I need in my life at the moment.


  1. Good luck with the Rugby games! Who all are you guys playing?

  2. The first game is a friendly of Brampton RFC alumni v Canadian Codgers RFC. The second game I'll be in is Burlington RFC v Toronto Saracens for the Rugby Ontario Fall Cup. Should be a long day.