Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sat Nov 13

I was needed at home. I was taking care of, well, just family stuff. I did get a chance to work in a stretching session while taking care of my kids.

The liked jumping on the tire, then filling it up with the various things I own. I had to make sure the leaky Indian clubs didn't get in there, though. I was using one of them for rolling on my itb band and other leg parts. Man, rolling the indian clubs felt good on my calves. And my hamstrings. And my quads.

About forty minutes, before dinner. Overall, not a great stretch, as I had to keep interrupting it to stop my children from hurting themselves ... seriously ... but a needed recovery day nevertheless.

Before this, I took my kids out of hte house so that my wife could rest - went to Kors MA place... I'll be checking it out on Tuesday.

Tomorrow I will be working hard. Then I have to sweep the garage out. Lots of dust, dirt and just stuff on the floor in there.

This is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Breakfast Belt.

Lunch: Steak wraps - tomato, hot pepper, steak on a wrap.

Water to drink

Dinner was a sirloin burger with a salad. Beer to drink.

I watched some of the UFC 122 - something my wife will never understand. She is grateful I'm showing no interest in doing that for a living. Humph, there goes Plan B...

I'm kidding, of course. Sort of. ;)


  1. I would have skipped the UFC for the Pacman fight. Sadly I had to miss both.

  2. It was on Spike TV - I got a chance to see the same fight like three times on Sunday. I'm also watching TUF season 12 on iTunes. It's all good.

    How's the wing coming along?

  3. It's coming along, can press and jerk weight over head no problem. Drop from the snatch and into the rack is still an issue.