Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Nov 29

This was a chilly one this morning - just below freezing outside, just above freezing inside.

Four rounds of:

1A) Push Ups (mix hand positions each set) 4 x 8-15 reps (last two sets with 50 lb SB on my back. That was pretty .. um ... hard)
1B) tire flips 4 x 12
2A) Double KB Military Press Variation 4 x 5-8 reps (30 and 40 lb KB)
2B) 1 Arm DB row 4 x 8-12 reps (50 lb DB)
3) KB Farmer Walk x 200 meters non stop (50 lb DBs)

Then three rounds of this:
4A) wrist rollers (5lbs) x 2 (up and down is 1)
4B) 10 ab roll outs on the green ball
4C) 10 tricep dips
4D) 10 gi grips and lifts with the blue heavy bag - have to think of a way to make this one harder/more efficient. Still, it felt good to get my hands on a gi again.
4E) 5 two handed then 5 SH Indian club halos.
4F) chin ups (sub max) getting better at these...

After going grocery shopping I went for a 5k run - it just seems a good distance, and I am in a "Fastest 5k in November" race on the Nike+ website. After tonight, I'm in 40th place. Not bad, considering the top 15 are all under 20 minutes. 24:32 is my time. Boo ... ya! Oh, and I got a foam roller tonight for 10 bucks, so I am off to make my muscles happy...

I think the focus this week should include work on my KB windmills and TGU's. If I ever want to get good at them, I need to train with them ... and they're just good things for what I want to get out of this training.

I'm sort of glad I've made most of this gear; it's cloth, wood or PVC so that I can warm up without touching cold metal. When I get in the gym, I turn on the heater, place at least one KB in the way, then start with something else - the cloth sandbags, for instance. It's cold in the gym, but that shouldn't stop the workouts.

This was a tough morning - I went for a run last night and totally forgot to go for groceries until well after 11pm. I had to get to bed, I was so beat. Getting up required a bit of force. I had some stuff for my kids' lunch in the fridge and freezer, but I'm sure I'm going to hear about the lunches today. Meh, it came down to a choice for them: the Christmas tree up or shopping for groceries. For them, the tree won. I'll make sure I point that out to them, too. I'm going to the Organic Garage in a bit for my won lunches for the week - at least my diet while at work will not suffer for the Christmas season.

After a short trip to get my food, there are few things I've noticed: one) eating well can be inexpensive; less than 20 bucks for a week of the lunches I've eaten as of late. Except no almonds, so ... I'll get them tonight, somewhere. Two: there are an awful lot of people out there who eat poorly and sleep through life.

I went to get most of the groceries from the OG; it's down the street and around the corner. I got everything there except the tuna and almonds. I got the tuna (on sale!) at the local discount grocery store on the way back. In both places there were people acting as if they were asleep - walking around, shopping and just asleep, man. Kind of a shame, really. One nice thing was this gentleman who let me ahead of him as he had a full cart and I had four tins of tuna. Him, he's the one that will save the planet, I'm sure.

I'm so glad that November is almost over; this one was less tough, thanks to an increase in intensity of these training efforts I am making. I'd rather it be summer time, but as a Canadian, I know that winter has to come at some point. It's the price we pay for living here.

Right, this is what I ate today: (diet was not as good as it should be, yet)

Breakfast: Tim's Belt. and coffee

Lunch: Salad with tuna, carrots and hummus.

Dinner: two slices of pizza with hummus as dip. Almonds for dessert.

Lots of water to drink during the day ... tomorrow I'm going to have to tighten up on the nutrition. I'm glad to say that the groceries are in the building and ready for Tuesday.


  1. HOw much tuna do you eat
    Isn't too much tuna bad for you due to the Mercury?
    I've been doing some research online and apparently for someone my weight, more than 1 can per week is unhealthy

  2. meh, I'm eating it three or four times a week - not sure about the mercury content idea. I'm just trying not to suck back the pizza from the caf.