Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sat Nov 27

OK, there were like five KB events in Toronto today - and I went to the one that was the coolest, the Toronto KB clubs' event at the FACT. It was cool. I was there, at least I can say I was there, I didn't compete, as I had to make it to piano for my youngest, but I was there, man. I saw history happen.

Seriously, like five KB events: the one at FACT, the one with Shawn Mozen, the one the Ajamu Bernard (in the 'Sauga) and the one at my house .... well, there's four ... ther was one more, it just escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, I had to leave to get to the event by 8:30, so there was no morning workout for me. I got to the event, saw the first set of women lifters, shook some hands and then had to go. Meh, at least I got to piano on time, then rearranged my garage gym, then put up Christmas lights outside, then had lunch, then got the tree up from the basement .... ugh, man ... then I got a chance to work out. With the car in the garage, as I wanted to see whether or not I could do it.

It was done.

Anyway, here is what I did:

warm up; jumping, body movement, static and dynamic stretches

four rounds of:

double hand KB swings
10 KB snatches
10 TRX body rows
10 TRX push ups (2 rounds of push ups, too)
20 BW squats (touched a milk crate with my butt)

three rounds of:
10 count of front and side planks
30 count of step ups onto a milk crate
10 count hand stands with wall assist (yeah, you read that right)

That was pretty cool, then I stretched. A lot.

What I ate:

Breakfast: I was on the go (lame excuse) so I had a Timmy Ho's Belt and coffee.

Lunch was later, had meatballs and veggies with hummus

Snack was almonds and water

Dinner was chicken pasta with almonds and a beer to drink.

I've been hungry since dinner, so I've been eating almonds, almonds and almonds. Trying not to have the kids' Haloween' candy, nor my pregnant wife's ice cream... so ..I'm hangin in my garage in order to stay away. When I come in, I get to feel the tummy and witness the belly rolling and rolling over and over. Seriously.

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  1. Good to finally meet you in person. Bummer you couldn't stay any longer, it was lots of fun. Well maybe next time.