Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Nov 20

So, yeah ... yesterday's post seems a little bitter. Meh, whatever.

I got up ... and my hands really hurt from punch the heavy bag and kb snatching last night. Seriously. They're dry and sore.

I live through the day; didn't eat much, didn't do much but play with my kids and get to the library. Going to watch UFC 123 somewhere...

ate this today:

breakfast" coffee

lunch chicken with three sausage hors d'overs (leftovers from ysterday). I felt a little hungry later on and made a tuna wrap with lots of veggies.

dinner: the left over tuna wrap mix, more veggies. lots of water, two beers.

I did a recovery workout today: stretching, some foam rolling, some indian club work, Later on, there was some messing around in the gym/garage with my kids, the tires, the TRX, the punching bag ... there wasn't much my kids didn't play with in there. Fun.

I dunno, would rather be in July right now. Somewhere warm and cozy. Instead, I got a viral cough making it's way through my family. I'm glad rugby is over but have not yet started wrestling yet. I need to get on a mat, like, now.

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