Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wed Nov 3

ok, today was off to a slow start - really feeling Tuesday night's run right now. Dragging my ass around is a drag.

Got the kids to school, got this workout done:

Warm up with skipping and indian club stretching.

three rounds of this
20 KB Swings or 20 KB clean and press (40 lb kb)
15 push ups
20 BW Squats
10 Indian club rotations (Both directions)
ab work
hamstring extension stretch on the mats

lots of stretching after. Felt a lot better after this. Man, did I feel a lot better after this. I was cold in the garage, so I had the heater on the whole time; finished in about a half hour, not including the stretch at the end.

Breakfast was a smoothie. Just like yesterday, still delicious.

After workout meal: steak and tomato wrap with lettuce and hot horseradish.

Lunch was the usual, except a bit rushed for time. Water to drink

Dinner was a bit of a blow out: jalapino burger on sliced brown bread, 2 pieces of peameal bacon, carrots and a few tostitos with hummus, water to drink.

Sat in the living room with my wife with my iPod in my hand and fell asleep on the chair. It was weird; checking my email one minute, then then next, my wife is waking me up to pick up my other kid from the pool. Weird.

It's late and I am going to bed.

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