Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Nov 18

I woke up late, at 6:30 ... yup, that was late ... at least my kids were able to get themselves together and work with me today, and we got them to school on time.

As I got them in, I made sure to get a smoothie in and got a half a coffee as well.

I did this workout:

1) SB Bear (clean + squat + press) x 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 (50 lb SB)
2A) Chin ups 4 x mixed grip x submax reps (4 or 5 reps)
2B) med ball x over plyo push ups 4 x 10
3A) battling ropes 3 x 1 minutes
3B) sprints 3 x 150'
4) grip + abs
Did this routine for grip and abs three rounds:
Green ball roll outs x 10
side ab sit ups on green ball, both sides x 8
plyo jumps onto tires x 8

Sprints were kind of cold with two sweaty t-shirts on only. I was also shocked with how cold it was before I turned the heater on. Man, I hate cold. I got to work, needed a bit of a distraction, and so watched this film. It's also for work, as I might be showing this to people later on; I had to preview it. Twenty four minutes of why physical culture is good for you. Get on it.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: Smoothie: Grapefruit juice, OJ, frozen berries, flax. Blended. Simply good.

After workout: coffee on the way in to work.

Lunch: Salad, tuna ... hell, just look at yesterday's lunch. It'll be almost the same. Better salad, though today. Fresher and more gooder. ;)

Dinner was two pieces of pizza and a beer. This was my fault - I need to get something into the slow cooker next Wednesday so that I can avoid this meal (second or third week in a row on Thursdays for this to happen, which it shouldn't)

I fell asleep after dinner, which came as no surprise to me. I got up, went down to the rugby club and had two pints, then got home. I took a couple of meetings there, and got some "bidness" done. I kinda doubt I'll be going there many more times.

Saw this and know that Saturday, I'mma do this for myself. Tomorrow is a "stay at home/close to home and make sure that my wife is ok" day.

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  1. I've seen that video at the NFB building downtown a few years ago.