Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fri Oct 1 and Sat Oct 2

OK, these were not the days to try and beat the band. I knew I was going to struggle with diet and exercise, and I did.

Friday's diet:

Breakfast: chicken breast in a wrap. Coffee on the way to work.

Snack: Almonds and prunes, water to drink.

Lunch : Gyro with a salad. I had my first can of soda pop in a couple of months. Not yummy.

Dinner: Chicken with rice and a salad. Water and a glass of OJ to drink.

I guess Friday wasn't that bad, really. I didn't work out- but I was pretty exhausted after a rather long week of work. Missing one day wasn't so bad. I did have to help my kids get ready for Saturday with a long walk through Walmart and Zellers. In the end, I bribed myself with beer, telling myself that I would go get beer in a few minutes, stayed in the basement until bed time, and ended not getting any beer at all.

Saturday was my parent's party to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary. About 60 people collected at The Old Mill and I got to say a few words. That was pretty cool, man. The day started with mass at 9am, and never really stopped until 8pm.

Diet for the day:

Breakfast was coffee, coffee and more coffee. Two bananas and peanut butter on a piece of bread at my mother's house.

Lunch: a few cheese and crackers, some fruit, roast beef, salmon, a rye bun, salad with lots of tomatoes and other veggies, water and more coffee to drink. Although it was an open bar, I did not drink anything alcoholic while at party.

Dinner: I wasn't hungry after that meal, and it was so late in the afternoon when we ate, I didn't eat anything after that. Not even when I was sitting in the living room/ kitchen watching a movie later on.

Snack: Beer. I drank a six pack at home, and two at the rugby club which I visited after I got my family home at about 6pm.

When I actually look at what I ate, I guess that it wasn't that bad of a day. Still no workout, and I feel kinda crappy at the moment, but I'm going to work out today, perhaps talk to my neighbour and some other people about getting that damn chin up bar on the wall. That, and work out.

And get back onto my proper diet.

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