Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thurday Sept 30

Made it to the end of September. Cool.

Eating today:

Breakfast was the end of the roast beef inside a wrap. Coffee on the way to work.

Snack: water and another coffee

Lunch: Sandwich and chilli from Tim Horton's. If I recall, this is nine dollars worth of 450 calorie joy.

Dinner: burger and 2 beers at Boston Pizza. Salad, too.

This is ok. Nothing great, but not too bad.

I got my email open today at work, only to discover that ZEE had done his Workout of the month for October a few days early. I got it printed off and up in the garage already. I read it and it says Sledgehammer and chin ups .... so, I bought a sledgehammer on the way home. I had a shot at fixing the sandbag, which kind of worked. The zip ties I bought earlier in the week are a bit small. I'll try again to fix it. I need a new door hanger thing for the TRX, too. This month also has KB "Jerks":

and "see saw rows:

and tire flips!


One issue might be how to do Glute Ham Raises without a machine... hmmmm. This is what they look like:

I just subscribed to Martin Rooney's Youtube channel, too. He mentions looking at his book Training for Warriors, a book I own. I'll look and photocopy it tomorrow, as well as some exercises for the abs.

While at work, I finally got the application downloaded to do a voluntary PD session with my fellow staff members printed off. I also put together a Poetry blog, too. I was going to ask about the drill to get the holes into the wall while buying the sledge, but then saw the time. I need to work on getting the chin up bar onto the wall this week. I also need about six feet of chain, to attach a KB to me while I do chin ups. I also got the email for my "new" iPhone. It should arrive Monday. Or tomorrow, if I am lucky. I got home and did the following workout:

three rounds of the following:

KB Swings one and two handed, KB cleans
Sldge hammer the tire, 10 times each hand, twice ( first time with the tire!)
"Greco" sandbag cleans
walking lunges with 10 lb weights in each hand. (hands in various positions)
BW and log squats.

I got this workout done in about 30 minutes... then picked up and delivered my kids to gymnastics. Headed to PB after that, then got stuck at home, getting the kids to bed. It's now 9pm, and I am wondering if I go to the rugby club and grab a few more beers and perhaps a lot of verbal abuse, or do I just stay here and get to bed early...

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