Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wed sept 22

I'm sitting on the pool deck at a Library/swimming pool watching my daughter swimming

Another post on the iPod touch - I'm being so postmodern.

Ate this:
B: smoothie: almond butter, fruits & grapefruit juice. Taste was different but good.

Lunch was the norm: tuna on salad, carrot, peppers and almonds to eat. Water to drink

Nothing until 7pm, which was steak and salad wraps. Had a steak, shopped it up, added half a bag of salad with pickled hot peppers, onion and ketchup. Awesome. Letting that settle before I get some fruit in, later.

I was sleepy after class- but worked out anyways. Did ZEE's lower body workout:

Four sets of:

1A) zercher squats (bar or sandbag) 5 x 5 - 10 reps (sandbag, then my log as weight)
1B) sprint 5 x 200 meters (this was entertaining the neighbours, to be sure)
2A) DB bulgarian split squats 4 x 6 / 6 (done with the 30lb KBs
2B) kb swings 4 x 10 30, 50 and 2 rounds with the 70 lb KB....

Also did arm curls on the bands - I had to. Sorry.

Quick, but done. I had to get my girls and take one of them to her first night of swimming for this year. I didn't eat until after I got home with her. Might have to change that for next time.

All in all, not a bad day, to be honest. I'd rate it a solid B; had a decent diet, tried something new, stayed on the diet and made sure I took my multivitamin and got a decent sleep last night. What might have been better was thinking about what to do when I'm sleepy - get up, and eat some almonds, go for a walk... something.

On the way home, I took a real step in becoming a true "undergrounder" - I canceled my membership at the YMCA. Man, I'm not sure if I feel excited or just hairy. In either case, I'm trying to do something that will truly stretch me. Oh, and I blew up my green garage ball, so's I have something to help me with ab exercises.

Nice a quiet night ahead, I hope. Some researching and some prep for tomorrow needed. Need to get some pics of my equipment up on here, too.

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