Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Sept 3, 2010

Workout for the day is a 25 minute run, followed by some stretching. I did KB's yesterday and did a fair amount of reading today: for instance, this article which reminds me to pick up decaf green tea for school; and hung out with my kids, too.

I wanted to see the new iPod Nano at Sherway, but it wasn't in yet. Meh, w/e.

I ate this today:

B: smoothie; frozen blueberries and strawberries, canned peaches and pears, pomegranate juice. Into the Bullet. Yummy.

L; Chicken breast and veggie wrap. Also yummy.

D; Fish, prepared by my daughter, veggies, salad (with vinegrette) and another smoothie and a handful of almonds for dessert.

Just waiting for my wife to decide if she's going on her own trip to the grocery store or not. I usually do go, but this request began with the sentence "I want cake, but not the regular cake. Another kind of cake, and good." Rather than chance a second trip, I left it for her to go herself or make a specific request. ;)

Felt good most of the day, got a little frustrated with having to clean up as much as I did. I'm going to be busy this fall, so I enjoyed the down time while I had it. And ... I set up this blog, too.

It's not the workouts that are going to get in my way ... it's what I put in my mouth that will get in my way. I know my triggers, and I will watch out for them. Actually, I will do a post on my triggers by the end of September.

After the run, I also took the "before" shots. Ugh. They look pretty bad. I'm really looking forward to seeing the "after" shots...

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