Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Sept 13

Today was a much better day - despite the fact everything went haywire at work. Meh, whatever.

Breakfast: sirloin steak wrap on the go. Man, not sure if these are good for me, but they are quick, full of protein and just plain yummy. Someday I'll take pics.

Snack: water and a handful of walnuts and almonds.

Lunch: Tuna on mix greens. Carrots and green/red peppers with hummus. Almonds. Water, water and water.

Dinner: Grilled home made burgers: ground beef, eggs and onion soup mix. Veggies on the side: Peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, onion, and a little ketchup. Nice burger bun, grapefruit juice (four grapefruits per bottle!) and water to drink.

I think today was a nice recovery, at least diet wise, from the weekend. Back on track.

After school, I did this workout:

Day 1: Full Body Work
1) KB Clean + Squat + Press 5 x 5
2A) rope climb or rope rows 4 x submax (broke the TRX door hanger! Damn!)
2B) ring push ups 4 x submax (did elevated push ups from the back of the van)
3A) KB farmer walks 3 x 150' (30/40, 40/53 two rounds 53/70 lb KB)
3B) 150 yard sprint
4) ab circuit 4 x non stop

The ab part I wasn't too happy with - I will take Rooney's Training for Warriors and Men's Health 2010 into work tomorrow to photocopy a few pages to get a few ab exercises on the wall for me to see during the workout.

Looking into things today, I saw this, something to help me make better smoothies. I love my Magic Bullet. Friggin awesome.

Need to do a short run tonight, rugby tomorrow.

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