Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tues Sept 14

It was alright today - was prepped for work, and everything worked as it should. Got some work done, some prepping done, some reading done, some work for my workouts done ... a lot of stuff just basically got done.

Here is what I stuff into my gaping maw:

Breakfast: 500 calories of Timmy Ho's goodness with a BELT and a coffee

Snack: almonds and walnuts

Lunch was tuna on lettuce with veggies and hummus. Water to drink.

Dinner was "mixed pot" night: left over burgers, left over chicken breast. Veggies and hummus with grapefruit and orange juice to drink.

After training: had a chick breast in a wrap with some ketchup. Beer, too.

Rugby training was not as long as I would have hoped, as the sun went down about 8pm tonight. Should have done an after work training session, but sat with my wife and co-miserated about her day. She needed me more than the Iron did, trust me. Seriously, not something I'd question, man. She needed me.

I'm looking forward to trying to get to bed before 11pm tonight, hoping to get a better sleep pattern set up. Everything else is good. Tomorrow is a full body workout.

I also learned tonight that CrossFit in Burlington is inexcess of 120 dollars per month. Who has that amount of cash, man? Fer real!

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