Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tues Sept 21

This was a good day - it started with a nine hour sleep. Yup - I went to bed last night at 9pm, slept ok, but then got out of bed at 6am. Un freaking real. Awesome. Can't say it was the most restful sleep I have ever gotten, but in recent memory, certainly the most sleep I have gotten.

This is what I ate for the day:

B: Roast beef wrap with water. Had some more water on the drive in.

S: Coffee. Mainly because someone was driving to Timmy's and I felt like a coffee.

L: the usual, sort of. Had a Curry Tuna steak on a bunch of salad. Carrots, celery and peppers with hummus. Water to drink. Almonds, too.

Dinner: Pasta with veggies. Smoothie for dessert: grapefruit and OJ with frozen straw and blue berries from my Magic Bullet. Simply awesome.

After training meal: 2 Beer, then tuna wrap. Then roast beef wrap.

Rugby was a very short game of touch - which was ok. I didn't think that was enough so I pulled out my bells and did the following:

cleans and presses 3 sets of 8 (both hands)
BW squats 3 sets of 20
40 lb KB snatches, 2 sets of 10
awkward push ups (one hand on the bell, the other on the grass, switching hands)
3 sets of 10
KB rows 3 sets of 10
100m sprints (3 sets of 2 sprints)

I also did two sets of bicep curls with my bands - 10 reps per set

I thought it was the best I could do under the circumstances. Could I have done more? Sure, why not say yes to that. I did something positive though. I got home, talked about family finances and stuff going on this week with my wife. We seem pretty together on everything. I am no longer in the doghouse, which is always a good thing.

I also learned that the post season we'll play in has a few teams we should beat, and ones which I will investigate later on tonight (or tomorrow, since I am aware I am writing this at 11pm and need to get to bed)

Anyway, all in all a good day. Going to bed with a full tummy having completed a pretty solid workout(s).

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