Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Sept 25

Today was a rugby day. Focus on a post season with the Burlington Centaurs.

I had a game at Eglington Flats - what a piece of shit part of Toronto; but a nice enough field ... for a goose shit covered place as it was. Anyway, lots of assholes.

Breakfast was the last of the steak, and coffee to drink.

Water; lots of water to drink.

At 5pm, the game was over, and we won. Lots of yellow cards ... like four or five. The ref was a 20 something who was kinda out of his league .. and the other team was .. well, unpleasant. Whatever, the right team won.

Dinner was chicken and rice with veggies. Beer to drink. I'm writing this, waiting for the end of Law Abiding Citizen to end, my wife to go to bed and I can go and watch UFC 119.

Should be good.

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