Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Sept 12

I was sore this morning, testament to the contact I gave and got yesterday. I thought I did ok - I was also thinking that I made more than twenty games this rugby season. This has been a long season, with one regular season game left and at least two more post season games, too.

Whoa, that's a lot of rugby, man. And it just keeps going.

Here's what I put in my mouth:

Breakfast: Cora's after church. Western Omelette - which was pretty good, coffee and water.

Snack: Salsa and chips (which was better than the cheezy goo my kids had, but not much) and two beers.

Dinner: Pork ribs, salad, corn. With an awfully sweet Blueberry wine and water to drink. Coffee and Apple Upside Down cake for dessert.

All in all, not the greatest of days for my diet. Not too impressed that I missed even a light workout, although I did do an awful lot of stretching throughout the day. I mean, at one point I was chatting with my mother in her living room while I did hamstring and calf stretches .. awkward, but so so so so necessary.

Lunches for the week planned and picked up. Should be good.

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