Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Sept 6

I got up early today - or at least early for a holiday Monday, anyway- at about 7am. Funny, I'm going to be dropping my kids off at school at that time tomorrow.

I got up, and went to check my email, and got stuck reading online articles about, well, fitness and nutrition. I should have been getting my workout done, but I was just reading. I got upstairs about 8:30 and went to workout and shave about 9am. As I got closer to the Oakville Y, they are running some sort of a road race today. I drove very slowly - so slowly, I missed my turn and ended up down at the bottom of Kerr Street in Oakville in a park, right on the lake. It was quiet, I did three rounds of the following workout:

warm up

30 two arm swings
farmers walk about 60 yds
20 push ups
30 body weight squats
10 band bicep curls
10 KB snatches 30/30/53 (both sides)
10 KB swing/press combos

This took about a half hour, without lots of breaks. Pleasant outdoor park, with a few curious onlookers. After, I went for a shower, whirlpool, sauna and shave at the Oakville Y.

While driving in and while doing my thing there, I pondered about whether or not to put a hold on my membership there. It's nice to go there and chill before work, but I'm not sure I can afford it this winter. That, and I'm looking for a bit more results than the last few winters. To top it off, there is no mention of Judo on their online schedule. That might just be the tipping point for me staying there. The question then comes back to where am I going to get some mat time this winter?

I'm volunteering for a few hours on Friday Sept 17th at an event for KATA - at least I let the guy know that I was interested in volunteering. One wonders if he's going to follow up with me at some point in time.

I checked my weight at the Y, too. 249. Which means I lost a pound, officially. Unofficially, I weighed myself at the end of summer school - I was 244. Which means I gained five pounds in August. I ate like a pig, drank like a pig. Was basically a pig in August. But that's over now.

I got home, cleaned a little, then wondered about what to do for the rest of the day.

B:500 calories of joy - coffee and a BELT at Tim Horton's and some almonds when I got home.

L: Gelato at the Ice Cream place in Oakville's Harbour

D: ground beef in a taco, salad and a beer.

Put on some chicken breasts for the random lunches and dinners for the week. I really have to get the schedule for the week complete tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll be doing meals without a plan, and that isn't good.

As far as stuff watched or read, saw this:

Revolution Beginnings from Chris on Vimeo.

and thought it was pretty cool.

I think I will be going on a run in a bit - heck, let's do it now. Check the run, it's on the Nike+ website.

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