Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Sept 5

I did four rounds of this workout

1) KB Clean + Squat + Press 5 x 5
2A) upright rows 4 x 10 using the bands and the van as the anchor.
2B) push ups 4 x 10 (some inverted, some not)
3A) KB farmer walks 3 x 8 laps of the garage 30, 40, 50, 70 lb KB (always two KB)
(there was supposed to be a sled drag as 3B, but no room. Next time.)
4) ab circuit 4 x non stop
I will have to re-watch ZEE's video to see what the ab circuit is, but I did three or four exercises for the abs, non-stop for this this time.

Took about fifty minutes, but I had my kids out there, watching, interrupting and being around. My eldest needs to get a bit more training in for her sports - I like her to be stronger and better trained than I was at her age. I will set out a workout for her to do with me once a week. She will be training with a swimming club and a gymnastic club, too. I also wanted my youngest to see me working out, and see me having fun.

Food log:
B: "Construction Plate" at Cora's - eggs over easy, 1 piece Brown toast, slice of melon, pineapple, turkey sausage, 3 strips of bacon, coffee, water

After workout snack; 1 litre of water, handful of almonds.

Dinner: Veggie and beef soup, steak sandwich on a bun. Steak was half a flank steak I cooked the other day with water. I really should take photos and upload them, as this was delicious. Blueberry/pomegranate juice for dessert.

After getting the groceries, I had to eat something. I took a small can of spicy tuna, added some celery, preen pepper and onion and put it in a spinach wrap. Awesome.

Found the SST diet and made some selections for my lunches and family meals this week. Should be interesting, at least. I think tomorrow I have to get the hard data on my start weight at the Oakvile Y, will do some light KB's in the morning, with a light run at nightfall.

Research and reading

I downloaded an MP3 file (to add to my collection) from Mike McNeil about, well, something. Haven't listened to it, yet. It's on my laptop, so it's one of those things I will do at work, trying to get people around me healthier. I also read this article from the SST website on Sprinting in Training. I'm thinking I need to check the references for myself and perhaps include a session or two of sprinting on the track at the YMCA.

You know, I also found out I an watch full episodes of The Ultimate Fighter online for free. Right now, I'm watching some of season five... where the idiot didn't make weight. Ouch.

Watched this, too. Lots of good stuff on this blog.

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