Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tues Sept 28

Man, this was a B day. Mostly good, could've been better. Here are the deets:


Breakfast was a steak wrap. I knew I had one left and I finished it. Felt good going down and just plainly damn yummy. Coffee from Tim Horton's on the way in. (Evidently it has no calories, but I'm not so sure....)

Snack was water, almonds and some prunes. Makes things go smoothly, knowhatImean?

Lunch was my usual of hummus, celery, carrots with tuna on salad with some salad dressing. Water to drink. Almonds to finish.

No snack.

Dinner was the semi-let down. Had OJ to drink, breaded chicken strips with a salad, some celery and crackers with hummus. Kinda had a craving for some "carby" goodness, even though it wasn't a cheat day.

Rugby was canceled for the night, as the fields were too wet. Everything is sore, so I will leave the workout for today. I thought about a short run - might still do it, not sure. Also thinking a lot about beer - haven't had one, yet. Trying not to get one, too. Maybe if I go for a run, that feeling will vanish.

Did a lot of my "To Do" list crap at school today - got a few pieces of paperwork completed for my job and to make my job easier. I have a performance review coming up and I'd rather get it done before Christmas. Hell, I'd like to get it done before the new baby arrives. So, not a lot of research or reading done today. Although I did buy a copy of a movie recommended to me by a FB friend... "The Future of Food". I also just learned they are remaking True Grit. Whoa.

I'm finding that facebook is a good place to learn about somethings as long as you follow a pattern. Look for things you are interested in. Start with fitness for example. Make sure you pick an author and floow them, both on and off of FB. With me, it started with ZEE, and went from there. I started with his friends on FB, and am slowly getting around to meeting people closer to me.

I'm finding lunches and snacks at work to be an easy thing these days. I step into the kitchen and just eat what I brought on Monday. No musses or fusses. Saving a bit of money not eating out of the cafeteria like I did years ago. Eating a lot healthier, too - no more pizza for me. I think that last year in Brampton I gained 15 pounds, at least. I'm just going to leave that there; I'm just glad to be where I am today.

I'm also finding a nap needed about 5:30pm. I just have to sit and let my meal digest and close my eyes for about 20 minutes. I'm not sure that is the best thing for me, but that is what is happening without my permission. I sit with my laptop on me, and suddenly it's twenty minutes later and I'm drooling. After the kids were in bed, bought a copy of Iron Man2 and watched it. Pretty cool - but not as good as the first one. Still, liked the soundtrack.

Ripping a lot of movies these days, and found the 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championship site - it just finished, and Canada came 5th overall. The US won, dammit. I'm going to try and catch some of the games online in the next few weeks. Should be cool. Tonight, though, it's Hamlet's Disney remake .... the Lion King.

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