Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tues Sept 7

This was a wrong day.

I woke up before the alarm was supposed to - but I still let it wake me up. I had my five year old on my head, kissing me before I could really wake up. That was the nicest part of the day. I got up, got the kids up, and went down to a breakfast to beat the band. It was awesome. Steak and a smoothie.

I got my wife off with a breakfast, the kids to school and then back here for a workout, which I called off becuase I was going to go to rugby tonight. I'm glad I did that. I read a lot of material, prepped for work and got there, just in time.

I had a difficult time switching back from being off to being on. Seriously. I have a fair amount of prep to do tonight to make sure I get through tomorrow. Ugh. Should have done a lot of it at work, but just couldn't get my rear end in gear. I did get an application for my iPod Touch which allows me to use it as a very good remote for my Macbook. It'll make things easier for me this year, trust me.

I picked up my kids, talked to them about their day, my wife got home; we had dinner, which was really easy to prep thanks to careful planning, got the kids in bed for 7pm, then went off to training. I'm glossing over the good stuff; the stuff with my kids as I'm not sure it warrants comment beyond the fact that we're a good together family. I even played some scrabble with my eldest daughter until the battery on my Touch ran out.

At rugby, I got a lot of sprinting done, not much of a warm up and more than a few knocks to the head while playing full contact rugby for 90 minutes. I was sweating, even in the 20 degree weather. Awesome.

Here's the food log for the day:

B: Half a flank steak, smoothie (frozen blueberries and strawberries, grapefruit and some orange juice blended together)

snack: handful of almonds, water and some hummus and peppers

lunch green leafy salad with a small can of spicy tuna on top, peppers, carrots with hummus, almonds, water and six or seven prunes.

snack: four spoonfuls of spicy ground beef left over from last night's dinner. Yummy cold.

dinner: chicken breast, spiced rice, water and a salad with vinegrette. Made in less than 20 minutes, thanks to prepping most of it yesterday. For dessert, I made my daughter some fresly squeezed OJ, using real oranges. I didn't get any, as she liked it so much.

snack after rugby: one half roast beef and tomato wrap, left over from Saturday. It was awesome. a pitcher of beer washed it down. That wasn't so good for my diet.

I think, all in all, that today was a positive day. I got some stuff ready for tomorrow, just not enough, in my opinion. I have some time to work my typical magic but I shouldn't have to. Meh, I'm all good. I still have my triggers for bad dieting.

Tomorrow I am going to try and do a quick arm workout at home, after picking up my girls, followed by some sprints and some stretching. I also got an email that my copy of Corps Strength is coming, and I tried to order some of Mike McNeil's t-shirts, only to find out that they do not exist. To top it off, I found another gift card for Chapters in my bedroom this morning. More training books/vids for me!

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