Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thurs Sept 16

Saw this today:

and I also went to the FILA website and found the Fila Web TV, too. Lots of wrestling, especially greco, on there.

Then, went back to facebook, saw a link to; they posted a link to someone's video of the 2010 World Championships, too.

This is what I ate:
breakfast: smoothie: strawberry/blueberry with orange juice and grapefruit juice. Green tea at work.

snack water and almonds

Lunch tuna on salad. Carrots and other veggies with the last of the hummus. Water to drink

no snack, dinner after rugby training.

Before I got to pick up the kids, I did the following quick workout three times:

one arm rows, 50lb KB
10 push ups
snatches 50 and 70 lb kb 3-6 reps per side
5 presses 50lbs

ab exercises:
planks, side planks and elevated side planks.

I was rushed, but got it done.

The kids started gymnastics and I had a coffee while watching them do their thing. A lot of what my older child was doing was just bodyweight training. Squats, leg lifts, skipping rope, etc etc, etc.... will try do do that, too with her.

After gymnastics, I got them home, and into a bath before going to rugby. We're losing a lot of time, thanks to the setting sun. We trained a little under the lights right next tot he clubhouse. That stretched out training for another half hour. Beer in the clubhouse after. Got some groceries on the way home.

Dinner was a chicken breast with broccoli and veggies. Then I had the last of the ground beef burgers I made on Tuesday. In a wrap with some salad and green peppers. That was pretty good - but I've had better. I was messing around with the wireless at home, trying to see if I really could blog on the iPod Touch. I ran out of "oomph" and battery power before I got that done. I'm doing this post with Safari, and it seems ok.

Anyway, I went to bed to late, woke up semi-cranky on Friday. But that is another post.

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