Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Sept 20

I was so retarded last night. I got back from grocery shopping after 10:30pm, and had to do some veggie chopping for the week. I did get my lunches for the week set up. What I should have done next is gone to bed. What I did instead was surf the internet until almost 2am. I was reading about Jeremy Piven and his time on set filming PCU. What he has to do with me getting into better shape, I'll never know.

As I was climbing the stairs to get into bed, I kept asking myself why I had done that. I've done that a lot in my life, and never really understood the why for that. I have to get up and be up at 6am, regardless of time or tide. Four hours of sleep. What the hell was I thinking?

In any case, I got the slow cooker going last night, too.

Breakfast was roast beef in a flat bread while getting my stuff together for the day.
I had my multi-vitamin, too. Water and green tea to drink before work.

Snack was water and some almonds

Lunch was my usual tuna on salad, almonds, peppers and carrots with hummus. Water to drink. Honestly, if it wasn't for this diet, I'd be so pissed at myself.

Dinner was roast beef and stir fried veggies with a salad. I had a beer with dinner.

I'm so tired at the moment - I did do the follow workout after I got home from work:

1) KB Clean + BW Squat (sets of 20) + Press 5 x 5 (30, 40, 50 lb KB) Last round of cleans was with the 70 lb KB!
2A) KB rows 4 x submax (40, 50, 50, 70)
2B) circle push ups 4 x submax
3A) KB farmer walks 3 x 150'
3B) 200 yard sprint. (next time 200m sprint x 2)
ab circuit 4 x non stop

Honestly, I felt like falling asleep, but I got this workout done as best as I could. I was really impressed with the cleans with the 70 lber. I did feel a little weakness in the right shoulder during some of the presses, but got them done, too. I'm thinking something left over from that burner up my arm on Saturday. Had another Epsom salt bath tonight. Still feels a little tight as I am typing this.

I spent my prep time at work surfing for the stuff I am now doing. Lots of links that are dead, as the material I was given is 10 years old. I've put together my own program for what I am doing - just borrowing lots from this ancient pile of photocopies, too.

In other words, not much done for my trip to Nationals done today - but that was to be expected, as I was SUCH an idiot last night.

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