Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wed Sept 15

Today was a mixed bag, man. I did fairly well on my diet, not so good on my training today.

Here's my food log for the day:

B: Steak wrap. Simply awesome, yummy and a great start to the day.

Snack: Green tea, almonds and walnuts.

Lunch Tuna on salad, with carrots, peppers on hummus. Almonds and prunes, too. Water to drink. Lots of water to drink.

Dinner: Sandwich night. Made myself a chicken breast wrap with some lettuce. Veggies and Tostitos Rounds with hummus. Water to drink.

I did a fair amount of prep today - getting myself ready for the next three or four days. Things go smoothly at work, for the most part. I'm liking what it is that I do for a living and it gives me ample opportunity to research into things. I did some Facebooking with Craig Ballentyne, which was cool. I found WebMD's diet and nutrition website too. Lots of useful info there. And I read something else about PubMed. That'll be something I climb through tomorrow, too.

I did get a chance last night to watch some GR Wrestling on USAWrestling's UStream site. They have a lot of stuff there, man. Several weeks worth of video which just keeps growing over time. I sent the three emails about on the mat training I wanted to send, and got a response. I'm leaning towards Hamilton, but I'll have to do a dry run once. I also got an email back from KATA. We'll be talking Friday, as I'm going there as a volunteer. Oh, and I'm dropping off the tree branch Friday, too.

I'd been feeling sluggish all day, I did get a chance to chat with my wife online, as she was at home after her check up with her OBGYN. Baby is fine and due the second week of December. I'm stoked about that, man. That'll be awesome.

I got home, she met me at the door - I didn't even get out of the van, she was in the passenger seat, looking to take me to the bank. We solved our RESP problem with the banker dude today. Well, at least some of it. That took until 4:30, the time we had to pick up our kids. I got them home, got them dinner, helped them with reading and piano. I did take a load of stuff out of my garage for the bulk pick up tomorrow. I should have taken the time to get the car out of the way, but at least there is less stuff in there. After that, I was zonked. I helped get the kids in bed, then I had a nap and now it's 10pm - I thought I could go for a short run, but I'm writing this and then going back to bed.

So, no workout today. Tomorrow is rugby. I'm going to have to make up for today after rugby tomorrow.

I'll do it, trust me.

Just have to read this and get this stuff done;

read PubMed
download and print OAWA form
contact the two dudes who wanted to go to Mac for training
prep for Friday
get to rugby, KB workout afterwards
make sure I get the log into the van after work.
start taking the multi-vitamin again.

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