Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Sept 17

It was mad rushing around the place today - and I hate that. I got my kids to school a little late, but at least work was a laid back day, full of guest speakers and time for people to get their thing done. I feel almost guilty taking a pay cheque.

I delivered the bigger log to Christopher Reed's place today. I had to get it there now, before the end of September. Too much stuff coming down the pike at me to let that one stay in the garage. I worked on my part of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary speech today, too. And the proposal for a ProDev day in November, fielded some messages about wrestling at Mac, did some research and got ready for Monday. All that in a few hours.

I was rushing around, getting lunches ready today, butting up cucumbers and strawberries for my family, I just missed getting a smoothie for me. Seriously. I was in the van, just after dropping my kids off, and it just hit me: I didn't make myself anything for breakfast. Weird.

So, breakfast was a coffee and BELT from Tim Hortons. I know, crappy start to the day.

Lunch was chicken, rice and a salad. Awesome and delicious. Water to drink

Snack was was almonds and water to drink.

Dinner was chicken, rice and a salad. Kind of repetitive, I realize, but this was my eldest daughter's night to cook - I wasn't going to say no.

I'm having a beer, ripping a copy of Alice in Wonderland as I write this about 11pm.

There was no "workout" today, as I drove to Etobicoke to get the log out of my garage. After that, I picked up my girls, went home and hung out with them, going for a walk. Emily smushed her face on the sidewalk, which ended the pleasant walk rather quickly. As she was calming down, I left to do some setting up at KATA, arriving there about 7:15. There might be pics of my doing stuff around the gym online somewhere. I'll see and link them to this blog. It felt good doing stuff like that; I kept telling myself I was working on my Karma.

Anyway, tomorrow is a rugby day.

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