Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sat Sept 4

I'm really trying to get back to a regular sleeping schedule, but not finding a great deal of success. Shooting myself in the foot rather badly on that one. Anyway, tried to follow ZEE's workout for September, but forgot what was on the list, so I did what I could recall. In prepping this post, saw that I did a lot of stuff from the DAY 2 and DAY 1 list.

Had a good read of the Toronto Star, cleaned the kitchen, fed my kids and was, generally speaking, a good husband and father. I needed a workout.

Here's what I did three rounds of:

1) 30 BW Squats
2) 10 30/40/53 KB Snatch, presses
3) 10 40 lb sandbag cleans
4) 10 log OH Squats / Presses (log is drying out but needs to be washed. (~40 lbs))
5) 80 step Farmers walk with 30 lbs.
6) Inclined push ups

Took about 40 minutes. Felt good after, except for all the wood crap on me. It was rather odd, as I was using my iPod touch for music in the garage and I checked my FB messages in the middle (only twice, I thought of Mike McNeil and stopped checking until AFTER the workout was done ....). Never had that option before. Next time I turn off the wireless in the Touch.

Anyway, I also did a brewery tour at Cameron's Brewery in Oakville. I went there before hand, as the guy I know who works there promised a "special gift" for people who came by and mentioned his FB status. It was four free beer.

I went and saw the Ontario Blues play the BC Bears; it was a chilly day, the first one of the winter to come. I stood on top of a bar stool on the balcony and had just an awesome view of the field.I tried to sneak someone else up there, but was shot down rather nicely. It was kinda funny.

After a beer while on the tour, I had a few more at the club. Then got home, went out to dinner with my family. Nutrition is not my best thing while drinking, I can assure you. Although while in the VIP section of the game, had some delicious steak and veggie wraps.

Beer will be the thing that gets in my way, along with mindset - I have to think about Nationals, even now. With every meal I take, every workout I do. I am thinking that the Y's Judo will be my on-mat training base, with some extra Friday trips to Mac. I wonder how much that will cost me in terms of money and time away from my family.

At dinner I ate a sirloin burger with a salad and a beer. Some of the kids' veggies, too. I was a little light in the head from the beer and the day. I got home, sat on the comfy chair in the living room and promptly fell asleep. My dear wife finally raised her voice to get me to go to bed at 8pm.

I woke up at 11pm, went to my office and stayed up, reading and watching workouts, Henry Rollins and other silly videos on YouTube until about 4am. I went to bed and woke up before my wife at 7:45am. I had a shower, and got off to church. No breakfast, as my stomach kinda hurt (ya think?). I made it through Mass, and then went to Cora's for their Construction Plate, but just couldn't finish it. Just too much food; but it was eggs, toast and bacon. Had too much coffee, too. Got the waitress to bring me a water; my eldest daughter took the last third of my glass of water for herself.

I'm thinking today will be a KB workout across the street with the TRX. Will print off ZEE's September workout a few times; might get it laminated, too.

I think a focus on Nutrition should be on for this month. I found my SST Lean Body diet; I'll see about scanning it in at work this week. Or typing it up might be better. Needless to say, my biggest trigger for bad nutrition is the rugby club. There is just such a connection between that clubhouse and beer. I need to change that association.

Hmm.. maybe take my kids there and workout there today?

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