Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm going to Nationals

I'd like to start this blog by pointing out the end goal: Making 96 kgs at the end of March 23- 27 in Edmonton

Link is here.

Let's start off with the stats:

I'm 40 and will be that until just after the Nationals.

Current weight is somewhere around 245. As I write this, it is the start of September.
I'd rather get down to weight slowly and be able to maintain that weight for at least six months after. That is to say that there should be another post on Sept 1, 2011 that says "I'm still 215."

In terms of wrestling skill, I'm just rusty - one or two on mat sessions per week should be fine. Anymore than that and I firmly believe I would be risking injury. Besides, I need to take into consideration that I've got my third child due in November.

Challenges to this:

One and only: time.

Oh, and Money.

But the money will follow - I need to find the time in the week to get on the mat - I do have some leads on that: YMCA has a Judo club, BAMA is local, KATA has some late night training times, Xtreme Couture is interesting. But taking into account travel time, especially to Xtreme Couture and KATA, is something that might prevent me from getting on their mats.

I'm thinking we alternate times and locations, keeping the Oakville Y's Judo club as the base for training. Has a pretty good weight room, as long as the idiot trainers are not there. Also has a rock climbing area for extra training. Finally, this place is pretty close to my work.

Money as a challenge is ok. I'm going to be working full time, my wife will be off by the end of September, and the money situation here will be strict, not one of desperation. If we were desperate, I wouldn't be doing this. I'd get another job.

As long as my wife sees me train, I will be destined to participate in the Nationals. If she, or myself see me repeat what I did last year, I will not be going. It's funny, since I threw in the towel in January of 2011 and decided I wasn't going to fight in the 2010 Nationals, I've lost ten pounds.

I see this blog as something I can use to monitor my progress and see what things I do correctly and what things I can work on. I should be doing a food diary and a training diary daily. There are links for me to use to monitor my running, too.

I'm using this event, this process to also further educate myself in physical fitness and training. The truth of the matter is, I've got a lot of things going for me, I just don't really know how to put together a fitness plan. Perhaps this process will get me to the point that I'll feel comfortable leading a fitness class. And, more importantly, I'll be able to look like a better role model for my kids. But most importantly, I know I will be getting away from the plague of Diabetes and Heart Disease running rampant in Canada today.

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