Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, sept 23

today was a decent day

had an unreal breakfast of steak wrap

lunch was the tail end of the tuna on a salad with veggies with hummus. Seriously, I have no food at work for tomorrow. With prunes, too.

Dinner was chicken breast on a wrap, as the kids had gymnastics and I had to fit eating around my workout and picking them up and getting them there.

I went to the rugby club and had beer as a nightcap.

I got this done as my workout:

a 20 minute run, almost as warm up
three sets of
10 push ups (various widths)
BW squats 20 reps
10 50, 70 KB swings
10 50, 70, 50 rows
arm curls

I picked up the girls, went to the gym, got them going, went home and had the most hilarious conversation with my mother, trying to figure out how to get her computer to work with something sent to her. Seriously, I thought I was in some sort of show. I love my MacBook: if you are reading this, stop and buy one, now.

And I feel good. Tomorrow is already set, all I have to do is show up and be the guy I need to be.

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