Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Sept 11

It was a good day today. Some weird stuff going through my head, but got it out in time for the game in Hamilton. We won, by the way. I stole a far number of balls against the head v their second team scrum. I got to captain the team, too. That was pretty cool.

Most importantly, we won and got the bonus point. We've now won the league with a game left to play. That's just freaking awesome.

Anyway, diet today was not good.

Breakfast was a 500 calorie blow from Tim Horton's. A BELT, which was awesome. I got home and had a half sirloin on a sandwich bun. That was pretty cool, too.

I had nothing else until after the rugby game, except lots and lots of water.

Dinner: After the game, I had a huge salad, three burgers and a pitcher of beer. That was awesome, but put me off of my diet, man. Have to make up for that tomorrow.

After dinner: I got home and we had chicken and veggies for family dinner. I didn't have that much, as I was pretty stuffed from the rugby game. I felt pretty good getting two meals in, though.

At the end of the game, felt pretty good, but I have to tell you, I was starting a feel my shoulders seize and really get tight. I thought I was going to get into the first team game, but didn't. Meh, whatever.

after the after dinner, we all went for a short walk around the block. Felt good to be able to stretch a little and get the muscles working. Tomorrow I'll do an all body workout, just to get everything moving and recovering.

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