Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wed Sept 8

I was feeling rugby sprinting this morning - and I had to get to work as early as I could to get some stuff done before the rush. Ugh. Missed my chance to check out the Y and get some time in the whirlpool.

Wait a minute, I think they're doing a reno ... man, I dunno. I think I'm going to go check it out in a bit. Have to get this done, first.

I got to work, got my stuff done and then had a pretty good lunch. Feeling a lock of energy at work, but didn't want to have two green teas on the same day. I actually fell asleep at my laptop, drool coming out of my mouth when I woke up about 10 minutes later. I'm thinking that is either diet related or sleep pattern related.

I came home after work and did this workout four times:

1B) Mixed bodyweight pulls (vertical) 5 x submax (on the TRX)
2A) med ball cross over push ups 3 x 10
2B) 1 arm DB rows 3 x 10 53 KB
3A) shrugs 3 x 10-16 (70 and 53 lb KB)
3B) recline rowing 3 x sub,ax (on the TRX)
4) gun show: biceps / triceps 3 x 6 - 15 reps (with the stretchy cord)
Biceps Use: zottman curls, hammer curls, cheat curls
Triceps Use: tate presses or band extensions
run / abs 4 rounds: run x 200 meter + ab exercise (I ran across my park and back, then did an Ab exercise)

It was pretty quick - but I had to get my girls, and I had to set a little up ahead of time. Next time I will have almost everything set up, so it should go quicker.

I ate this today:

B;Steak wrap, green tea when I got to work

L:Salad with spicy tuna, carrots, peppers with hummus, almonds and prunes. Water to drink

D: last of the sloppy Joe on a burger bun, veggies and a salad and a beer. Almonds as dessert.

I got my workout in, got to play with my kids and generally had a good day. Weird that I fell asleep at work.

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