Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sept 26

This was a busy day - lots of things to do.

Breakfast was a Bacon BELT and a coffee from Timmy's - which comes in at 410 calories.

Lunch was at my parent's house. Was 2 sausage and 4 small pancakes; which was ok.

Dinner was pasta and a salad. Not so good.

Snack before grocery shopping was a piece of Salmon steak. I cooked a bunch for the week's breakfasts. I'm SOOOO looking forward to breakfast this week. Salmon and poached eggs ...mmmmm

After church, I went to my parent's place to do a bit of fixing - seems the password for their email was changed. I got into my mother's account and she cooked brunch for my family. Nice trade- off. Next time, I will give them the Apple G4 sitting in my basement. Seriously.

After that, it was swimming for the kids and an oil change for the car. After that it was witnessing my wife go off on my youngest. She cried the entire lesson, and so irritated her parents, I am left wondering why did I sign her up for it?

After that it was apple picking with my eldest - no pics, I am afraid. I forgot the camera. But it was pretty cool to hang with her for an hour or so. After that it was a nap and dinner, followed by a quick nap. I went to get groceries, parked the car and went for a half hour walk. I did record it, and will be up on my Nike+ site soon.

On the way back from groceries, stopped by Shoeless Joe's to watch some football and had 2 beers. Then home to chop veggies for the week and to blog.

Like I said a busy day. Tomorrow is Monday, which is a regular day for me. I know exactly when I am going to poop, when I am going to check my email and what I am going to do for a workout. Awesome sauce.

Later on in the evening, I am reading Mike McNeil's posts about films I should watch.

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